Solar & LED Lighting for Commercial and Industrial Applications

About Us

PearlWind is a full service company specializing in sales and installation of energy efficient lighting, remote facility controls, energy conservation and efficiency business plans, including both project consulting and implementation. 

We are strongly dedicated to providing clients with sustainable energy solutions that are both economical and environmentally responsible and is joined with an adherence to the welfare of the employee and the neighboring community just downstream.

As a fourth generation family member to Pearl Road Auto Wrecking and Salvage, Inc., Jonathan B. Kaplan readily partnered for sound economic foundations of the commercial salvage operations, then expanded and advanced the inherent auto wrecking issues of recycling and waste stream management.  Working in this long-held family business – succinctly called the “Junkyard” – Jon intensified his attention toward maximizing the capabilities of the vehicle dismantling facility with the intent toward utilization of the latest technologies. Gaining momentum, Jon established a large after-market parts business and a new steel wheel business.  He then set up an over-stock and discontinued new dealership parts business, which shipped parts across the US and around the world.

In addition, Jon consciously captured and shipped off-site toxic substances (i.e., elemental mercury in switches) to prevent contamination of offsite runoff, as well as any potential of impacting the adjoining community downstream.  The fruition of these inter-connected and complimentary strategies culminated in more than doubling the company’s sales, while expanding local employment opportunities at the yard.

Understanding rising costs of buying energy with the latent benefits of self-reliance, Jon ventured toward on-site, or distributed energy production.   To that end, he educated himself in the economics and technology of wind turbines.  In 2009, he installed a Vestas V20 wind turbine at Pearl Road Auto Wrecking, the first urban “mid-size turbine” in the world.  Without a pause, Jon quickly formed PearlWind, LLC to help other businesses install wind turbines.

In 2010, Jon began upgrading commercial and industrial properties with efficient lighting using Sylvania products, along with many other top quality LED, induction and fluorescent products from other manufacturers.  In 2012, he installed his first solar project for a client in Medina, OH.  Currently, Jon’s clientele includes Classic Auto Group, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Indians, Federated Auto Parts, Magnetech Industrial Services and Montefiore, to name a few.  To date, from wind and solar energy to lighting and facilities control, PearlWind has diversified its energy skill set and successfully completed over 1,000 energy efficiency projects, ranging from small commercial buildings to larger facilities covering over 750,000 square feet.

As PearlWind continues to grow and deepen its services to promote a business’s energy potential, Jon remains committed to a client’s work place environment and its waste management.  The advance in lighting technology also furthers work place safety and productivity.  Installing full spectrum fixtures enhances visibility of the work place which translates into safer zones for employee movement and functionality. This cascades into improved work station enjoyment and productivity.  Furthermore, all used and antiquated lighting fixtures from projects are not needlessly discarded into the local waste stream.  Jon intentionally takes on the additional task of refining and recycling these aged “luminaires” for later shipment to a facility in which the fragments are re-processed.  Waste becomes feed.