Solar & LED Lighting for Commercial and Industrial Applications

Solar Energy

Pearlwind takes a unique approach to solar engineering.

We manage all available incentive programs to take further advantage of all possible savings (and they are substantial).We have a database of 30+ years of weather history for any location in the USA with a zip code. Our projection models are very economical and historically have been conservative. It is our practice to provide “low-end” estimates.

We will perform a preliminary assessment for you free of charge to see if installing an on-site solar array would be economical for your facility.

All we need for our preliminary assessment is:

  • The Facility’s Address
  • 1 Year of Facility Energy Usage Data (The Energy Bill)
  • A Date and Time for a Brief Discussion – We can do this over the web!
  • Additional information about building ownership, building voltage, and roof age/roofing material will help but is not needed in this stage.

We install roof-mounted and ground-mounted Photovotaic (PV) solar grids. Other types of thermal-based solar units have their benefits in ideal situations but PV systems are flexible enough to operate well in any climate.

We are NOT in the practice of turning spaces into utility companies:
Unless requested (and we will most likely advise against it) our PV grids will not be designed to produce more energy than your facility needs. The simple reason is that over-producing and selling energy back to the grid simply isn’t economical except in special situations. The goal of the engineering will be to reduce a considerable percentage of a facility’s net consumption. The beauty of our PV systems is that their modular design allows for additional expansion should your consumption needs increase significantly or should selling back to the grid ever become beneficial in your area.

Our Solar Process

Initial Assessment

  • Answer Questions:
    Is the roof or land suitable for a solar array?
    Is there enough energy used to justify the project?
    Can the building qualify for incentives?
  • Acquire Copy of Energy Bill & Satellite Image of Roof
  • Set Date for Presentation
  • Generate Projection Estimate

1st Presentation (General Projections)

  • Explanation of Installation – How big should the installation be?
  • Projection of Installation – Generate projections considering historical weather data
  • What will the returns look like with different types of financing?
  • Decision to move forward with a technical site visit

Technical Site Visit ~$2,000.00 (applied to the cost of the project if approved)

    • Engineers visit the site and survey all relevant electrical systems and structures
    • CAD imaging & area survey to determine how the PV system will be be laid out
    • How will the PV system be tied into the building’s existing electrical system?
    • Any Special Considerations Addressed
    • Report Generated with firm numbers and projections

2nd Presentation

  • Final Quote and Projections are reviewed
  • Installation timeline is determined
  • Decision to sign contract and move forward with project is made here

Pre-Engineering (4-6 weeks)

    • All required permits are secured
    • All needed parts are ordered and/or delivered to the site

Installation (4-6 weeks)

    • Panels are installed
    • Inverter(s) are installed
    • System is wired into the existing electrical network
    • System is online

Remote Monitoring

  • Systems are monitored by both on-site & off-site computer systems
  • Maintenance is performed if-needed

PearlWind guarantees our solar panels for 25 years (historically, solar panels can continue to produce electricity for almost double that time). We also guarantee labor for 10 years (much greater than the industry standard).